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Does Your Little Angel Become a Little Devil in a Matter of Seconds?

Don't Worry - So Do Ours!



ADDing Support is a voluntary group and a registered charity that gives advice and support to the parent and carers of children with AD(H)D.

AD(H)D is a condition whereby the child in unable to “put the brakes” on inappropriate behaviour, cannot maintain their concentration on anything for very long, has problems fitting in with their peers, and can be very hyperactive!

We are all mums whose children have this condition, we understand the many complex issues regarding AD(H)D and can give advice regarding behavioural management, educational problems, and many more.

Feel free to attend one of our meetings to find out more, details of our meetings are on the next page,  and you can find out more about the group and the committee on the About Us page.

Thank you for your time and interest in our group. If you want more crucial information pleas visit: http://www.e-odchudzanie.com.pl/et/kankusta-duo-arvamused.html

Sue,  Debbie, Chris, Audra, Caroline, Donna and Fiona


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